Common Vacation Accidents and the Injuries They Cause

People enjoying themselves on vacation are likely to be more relaxed, less cautious and consequently more prone to accidents. In addition, recreational activities can present special hazards that a vacationer is not accustomed to. Therefore, an ounce of caution goes a long way towards minimizing the risk of injury. Whether traveling or spending time at a resort, you should be aware of the most common types of vacation accidents and of your best course of action if one occurs.

Vacation accidents commonly occur while using transportation, engaging in water activities, consuming food or beverages or staying at lodgings.

Transportation accidents can include vehicle or train crashes or falls from a Segway or bicycle. Resulting injuries can include head and spinal trauma, internal bleeding and even harm to an unborn fetus. Other common ailments are sprains and minor lacerations.

It can be easy to let your guard down while vacationing, especially when it comes to sampling cuisine and beverages. Improper food labeling can cause travelers to have an allergic reaction which in the most severe cases can cause death. For example, foods mislabeled “allergy-free” may contain shellfish or nuts. Waitstaff may incorrectly respond to a customer’s inquiry regarding the ingredients of a dish being served. Undercooked food or food not kept at the proper temperature can result in food poisoning.

Water activities such as jet skiing or swimming can result in injuries if equipment or facilities are not maintained and inspected regularly to ensure safety. Slipping and falling at pools and waterparks is a frequent cause of injuries. Water-based accidents can result in broken bones, brain damage or even death by drowning.

Hotel lodgings can be places of peril if management doesn’t regularly perform property maintenance and repairs. Hotel bathrooms can give rise to injuries if water temperatures are not correctly adjusted to prevent scalding and burns. Slippery bathroom floors increase the risk of falling. Faulty coffee makers or hair dryers can result in burns.

If you experience an accident while on vacation, it’s best not to sign any documents presented to you by the owner or operator of the vehicle or establishment where you were injured. In addition, hold off on discussions with any insurance company representatives until you have spoken to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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