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Christian Lawyer in Rochester Negotiates Separation Agreements

Experienced family law attorney seeks fair, effective resolutions

If you are facing a marital crisis, but you don’t believe in divorce or just aren’t ready to fully dissolve your marriage, New York offers you the alternative of legal separation. A legal separation safeguards your financial and parental rights the same as a divorce but does not free you to remarry. At the Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C., we often meet family law clients who need the civil protection of a divorce but have religious objections to ending their marriage or still have hope for reconciliation. We provide compassionate and effective representation to pursue fair separation agreements so you can enjoy lasting security and peace of mind.

Reasons to seek a legal separation instead of divorce

We live in an age in which social attitudes about divorce are generally relaxed. But that doesn’t mean divorce is for everyone. People decide on legal separation for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Religious considerations — If you heed the admonition that “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder,” it’s hard to justify divorce even under the harshest circumstances. And, what you can’t justify to yourself, you’re certainly not going to be able to explain to your family and your faith community. A legal separation provides legal protections without compromising your principles or going back on your vows.
  • Retention of benefits — There are often practical reasons not to seek a divorce, such as receiving health benefits from a spouse’s insurance plan. For military spouses, the length of marriage is a huge issue, since they must be married at least 10 years to have a share in a military pension. The same applies to dependent spouses who are hoping for a share of a spouse’s Social Security benefits: you must have been married for 10 years or longer to qualify.
  • Hope for reconciliation — Every marriage goes through ups and downs, some more extreme than others. Perhaps your spouse is suffering from an addiction or compulsive behavior. You have to protect yourself and your children. You also have to protect your finances. Yet, you pray that someday your spouse will enter recovery. Legal separation demonstrates tough love tempered with mercy.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a legal separation, we fully support your decision and work tirelessly to achieve a quick and fair settlement.

Reaching a legal separation agreement through negotiation or mediation

Whenever possible, we try to resolve family law difficulties in the least adversarial way. To avoid a court hearing and get an order recognizing your legal separation, you and your spouse must arrive at an agreement that resolves four key issues: alimony, child custody, child support and the division of your marital property.

Because family law is a major area of practice for us, we are adept at reaching mutually beneficial settlements for the most contentious issues. In traditional negotiations or through mediation, we protect your rights and work toward terms that provide for your future security.

Contact a faith-based family lawyer in Rochester to pursue a legal separation

The Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C. in Rochester practices family law with a Christian sensibility. If a legal separation is appropriate for you, we protect your rights while pursuing fair terms for settlement. Mention our website when you call us at 585-563-1134 or when you contact us online and receive a free 30-minute initial consultation.


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