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Dedicated Rochester Family Law Attorney Helps with Visitation Issues

Seasoned Monroe County lawyer advocates for children’s best interests

The bond between a loving parent and a child deserves protection. At the Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C. in Rochester, New York, we pursue parenting time arrangements that enable children to grow up with attention and support from each parent. Our firm is equipped to address difficult visitation issues using both negotiation and litigation. For more than 30 years, we have sought solutions that are guided by Christian principles.

Knowledgeable counselor enforces rights of noncustodial parents

When a New York court grants sole custody to one parent or guardian, the court will most often allow the parent who does not have custody to visit with the child. In representing noncustodial parents, we make sure visitation rights are respected and carried out.

We also seek to modify or remove restrictions on visitation that may be unreasonable or burdensome, such as:

  • Supervised visits — A parent may be permitted visitation only in the presence of another designated adult if evidence suggests the child otherwise could be endangered.
  • Therapeutic supervised visits — Visitation rights may be granted with the stipulation that a mental health professional attend visits in order to help the noncustodial parent improve his or her parenting skills.
  • Neutral exchange location — If the direct transfer of a child from one parent to the other could be upsetting for the child or the parents, the court may require exchanges to occur at safe, neutral locations.

Where the terms of visitation are contested, a judge or court-appointed referee will preside over a hearing to receive testimony from parents, other relevant witnesses and the child. Visitation orders are ultimately based on what is determined to be in the child’s best interests. As family law attorneys, we make the strongest case possible for showing the benefit to the child of quality time spent with both parents.

Christian attorney seeks visitation rights for married and unmarried parents

When a child’s parents are married at his or her birth, each parent’s legal rights and responsibilities to the child are established by law. If a child is born to unmarried parents in New York, the father has no legal right to custody or visitation until paternity is established. This can be done by both parents signing an acknowledgement of paternity. Alternatively, either the father or mother can petition the court for recognition of paternity. Our firm helps parents establish legal paternity and custody or visitation rights. If parents are uncertain about biological paternity, the court can order a genetic test.

Contact a devoted Rochester lawyer for help resolving child visitation issues

Clients in Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas know that the Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C. is well-equipped to advocate for the visitation rights of noncustodial parents. To schedule a free initial consultation with a caring, Christian attorney, call us at 585-563-1134 or contact us online.


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