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Rochester Attorney Provides Vigorous Defense to State Crimes

Experienced lawyer protects your rights in felony and misdemeanor cases

If you are arrested on felony or misdemeanor charges in New York, you face serious penalties that can negatively impact the rest of your life. Under such circumstances, you need an experienced and determined defense lawyer who can safeguard your rights and work to minimize the consequences. When you retain the Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C., you get a seasoned trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in state and federal court. You also get a Christian advocate, whose faith motivates him to seek justice even under the most challenging circumstances.

Misdemeanors under New York State law

Misdemeanors are serious crimes that call for sentences of not more than one year in county jail. New York has three categories of misdemeanors:

  • Class A — Offenders convicted of these most serious misdemeanors can be sentenced to up to one year in jail and fined as much as $1,000. Class A misdemeanors include carrying a gun without a permit and petit larceny.
  • Class B — A conviction for these less serious misdemeanors can draw a maximum sentence of three months in jail and a maximum fine of $500. Examples of this level offense include prostitution, loitering, and interference with a service animal.
  • Unclassified — An unclassified misdemeanor is one whose sentence is written into the statute that defines it. For example, New York law makes a first offense of DWI an unclassified misdemeanor with fines between $500 and $1,000, and up to one year in jail.

We provide a vigorous defense to each element of the case the prosecution must prove. Even when the facts are against a client, we can often achieve a positive outcome that enables our client to avoid fines or jail time in favor of community service or probation.

New York State felonies carry severe penalties

Felonies are the most serious state charges you can face. Many charges carry indeterminate sentences, meaning there is a range of possible punishment. The classes and sentences of New York State felonies are:

  • Class A-I — A minimum of 15 years to 40 years with a possible life sentence. Offenses include kidnapping in the first degree and murder in the first degree.
  • Class A-II — A minimum of three to eight years with a possible life sentence.
  • Class B — A minimum of between one year to one-third of the maximum sentence given with a maximum of 25 years in prison.
  • Class C — A minimum of one year and up to 15 years in prison.
  • Class D — A minimum of one year and up to seven years in prison.
  • Class E — A minimum of one year and up to four years in prison.

Some felonies, involving violence and/or drugs, usually draw determinate sentences, which require the offender to serve a specific number of years. If an offender has a prior conviction, judges in New York typically impose a determinate sentence.

We are prepared to offer a determined defense to all felony charges, including:

Felony charges put you in great jeopardy, but there’s much an experienced criminal defense attorney can do to help you obtain a positive outcome. We challenge every element of the case against you to raise reasonable doubt. Often, the case starts to crumble, leading to a dismissal or at least reduced charges. Even when the facts are against our client, we can often present pertinent facts that result in more lenient sentencing. Throughout your case, we give you supportive representation as we work aggressively to deliver the best results possible.

Contact a Rochester criminal defense attorney experienced with state charges

If you’ve been arrested on state charges, the Law Office of Maurice J. Verrillo, P.C. is prepared to offer a vigorous defense. Retaining our services immediately can greatly improve your chance of a beneficial outcome. Mention our website when you call us at 585-563-1134 or when you contact us online and receive a free 30-minute initial consultation.


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